Vittoriosa Kids Music Centre

The Saint Lawrence Band Club offers musical lessons for free for all ages. Music lessons are held on a regular weekly basis at the club premises. The club also offers to provide a musical instrument without any charge to those students who decide to further their studies and reach the point where instrument practice is the next step. Apart from the normal music lessons that lead to every student learning how to play an instrument, the Society has also introduced a Kids Club music class for all children aged 6 years and over.

The intention of this class is to provide children their first musical experience through recreational methods, whilst learning the basic elements of music. Also, classes of general knowledge on music, together with theory lessons are also offered. Presently, the students are being taught by Mro Jonthan Abela whose profile can be found in the section dedicated to Band Conductors, Mro Francois Borg, the Assistant Band Director and Ms Roberta Mercieca, a music teacher, whom profiles can be found in another page in this section. Mro Jonathan Abela is currently teaching classes of general knowledge, theory and brass students, Mro Francois Borg is teaching woodwind students, whilst Ms Roberta Mercieca is teaching the younger students through the Percussion Class in the Kids Club. We urge everyone to encourage our children to learn music, since this is a huge opportunity for the children to develop their musical talents, and also will provide them with great social skills.


For further information, we encourage you to:

1. Send an e-mail on to request further information;

2. Download this Application and send it by post or by e-mail;

3. Or contact any person which is listed at the end of the application